Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter ball

If you know me, and you have seen the Blindside,
you might say i have a large similarity to Sandra bullock's character.
Im bossy and state my opinion openly, and quite frankly i can be a smart ass.
Some people might say this similarity is amazingly obnoxious.
Like the students in my ASB class.
whom i must yell at frequently
I am the head of the dance committee.
But it seems God  wants to teach me a lesson extreme patience.
As you all know the President of ASB is well a fathead.
so there is no support there.
But besides a select few the rest of the class has been well versed in being allergic to work.
and when a job is mandatory
they do an alarmingly poor job.
I have designed the entire dance on a budget of $200
I have made the decorations, i have bought the fabric.
I understand that because im the head im supposed to have a lot on my plate.
But when i asked for some help with the decorations,
 a total of 4 kids out of a class of 20 volunteered to help!
I have done everything to make sure this dance
(Even if it is going to take place at the rolley backpack school)
is going to be beautiful.
And if i have to get in someones face
to make sure this stupid high school dance goes as planned i will
well, hopefully.
Anyway...My decorations consist of tissue paper...and ya thats it.
I'v gotten much of my inspiration from Anthropology window displays.
yay for $200 budgets
Have a lovely day and if you have to, be bossy.

Ciao Bella

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  1. dear hannah i know you cant see but my hand is raised and i will help you if you need it:)