Monday, November 15, 2010


Today my brother and my mom brought home a new pet bird.
perfectly ironic birds being my new inspiration an all
our family has gone through countless birds. 
the last was a love bird named Rico
Bentley my puppy murdered poor Rico.
Anyway Our new bird's name is Tom
How original right?
I wanted to name him  Maserati but no one liked my suggestion.
So Tom is not a nice bird he is far too loud and bites.
He is making this poetry/literary analysis's I'm supposed to be rewriting impossible.
Which brings me to my next point. 
Shakespeare himself did not interpret his poetry this in depth!
I have rewritten this essay 5 times now
The class in done working on this assignment 
of course I'm the one stuck in this Godforsaken Rut
i don't know if my writing skills are getting progressively worse
or if my teachers Patience is growing thin.
On the bright side i completed my peacock painting before Tom tainted my inspiration.
P.S Gossip Girl tonight!
Ciao Bella

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