Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anahata Joy Katkin

Today i washed my car.
after i washed my car it rained.
.all. day. long.
Heres what i like:
Art by Anahata
Heres what i dont like:
Rain on my car.

Heres what i like:
coffee with butterfinger ice cream from cold stone
Heres what i dont like:
 Crocks. those things are so flippin ugly! jeez!

Heres what i like:
 Coco Chanel perfume
Heres what i dont like:
 that it shattered on my bathroom floor

Heres what i like:
Disney Princess coloring books
Heres what i dont like:
creepy truck drivers who look at you like a piece of meat.

Heres what i like:
How Betsey Johnson does cartwheels onstage of her fashion shows
Heres what i dont like:
 the smell of lunchboxes

I hope this brightened your day.
its still raining.
Vampire Diaries is on tonight.
Ciao Bella
P.s i Love rain boots

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today i got butterflies for the first time in a long time :)
I cant help but compare it to this
 This is another favorite of mine
the artist is Jordi Labanda
He is from Spain

ha i love the girls facial expression 
you can just hear her saying, "No i dont want it. put it out its discusting."

This picture actually reminds me of my parents when they were young
my mom had permed Blonde hair
and my dad was a cowboy and danced with his thumbs

and this will be me and my husband someday
Here's some more of Jodi's pieces
that don't have to do with boyfriends

This reminds me of Gossip Girl

 once again my life is a Taylor swift song.
She should wright one about butterflies.
i think i really like him
but any way
stay classy gals.
Ciao Bella
P.S i love this photo shes imitating Mrs Hepburn and i love it
and i want her dress its beautiful!