Monday, October 11, 2010

Good News!

Sorry i havent written!
ive been busy busy
And with business comes exciting news.
I had an art show Saturday!
my first ever 2 of my 3 paintings were accepted and i didnt win an award but someone is buying one of my paintings. 
So thats great! BUT i wanted to tell ya'll i got asked to homecoming...well its kinda a funny story actually.
so a few days ago i casually asked my best friend Keegan to go be my date for homecoming.
he told me he would think about it, i think he was upset because i pulled a Sadie Hawkins on him. :) 
any way a few days later my friend told me this other boy was planning on asking me 
so i flipped because i wanted to go with Keegan!
so we went out to lunch and i not so elegantly brought it up
"ok Philip is going to ask me to you need to ask me"
"haha ok i will"
"ok like now."
"Ok? so ask me"
"hahaha ok Will you please go to homecoming with me?"
"yes sure"
"ok but now i feel really obnoxious because i basically just made you ask me"
"dont, i was gonna ask you anyway"
i always wonder why boys dont ask me out...this is kinda a control freak.
So then i went looking for a dress and every dress is ether ridiculously boring and generic
 This dress says" hi im boring and safe...if you want to talk to me don't...because ill talk to you about my ex boyfriend who dumped me in 4 th grade and because i watch too much t.v and im part of the Johnny depp fan club"
Or a slut Muffin
This dress says, " hi i have dated every boy in school...and idk why but the boys just dont respect me...oh an i might be pregnant"
i am nether.
i tried on a tight dress...i looked like beyonce and kim kardatian in one dress.
it didnt go as planned.
Heres some cute pictures:
ill keep you updated.

Ciao Bella

Monday, October 4, 2010

Coco Before Chanel

Today my alarm didnt go off i woke up at 7:40 for an 8:00 class.
I Helped aid for 3 hours for my Art Teacher
I passed out paper and poured paint.
a kid managed to spill a whole pallet of paint onto the floor onto my ugg boots.
after cleaning 20 pallets and 30 paintbrushes i sat down to my art assignment.
apparently we have a new girl at our school.
i have never seen her in my life but apparently she seems to really dislike me.
like a whole lott.
she glared at me the whole hour of her class. and she stepped on my painting
(my painting is huge and i have to work on it on the floor.)
then when i looked up expecting an apology she just smirked.
what a b-otch.
anyway i was slightly tipped off.
then was ASB....
ok i really hate ASB i used to love it but this year i hate it because the person who got voted president
doesn't know what he is doing nd he only got voted in because the teacher thought it would be dandy if just the last years ASB class voted for officers rather than the whole school.
so my theory is the seniors thought it would be funny to vote in this kid as a joke
well....HA what a GREAT joke,
this kid does nothing.i pick up all his slack and i shouldn't but I feel like if i don't no one else will
as you can see i dislike this lazy bum with a passion.
i doubt Coco Chanel had these problems
she was Bad Ass if she didn't like someone she probably kicked them out so fast.
i love Coco. She was a revolutionary. She was brave and brilliant. Witty. and most of all elegant.

Ciao Bella
p.s Be B.A like Coco

Friday, October 1, 2010

Laugh Often

And look at pictures by Germany's Next Top Models' Photographer
...Kristian Schuller...

ciao bella