Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adventures In LA

So the fact that i go to a school where I constantly have outfit envy 
is a positive and a negative 
Positive: it gives me inspiration for my art and my blog
Negative: i have champagne taste on a bee- no not even a beer diet  a water diet.
so heres what im totally digging right now
 cigarette pants with wild designs 
 Envelope clutch 
 Bulky Necklace 
 Matching blazer & Shorts 

Outfit envy right???
So yesterday i was walking to class and i saw this lady just strutting her assets down the street
she had the greatest outfit and was paper thin and had on 9 inch Loubouton heels
 and as i got closer i realized... 
I was quite impressed...
You know you go to FIDM when the boys are carrying nicer handbags than you 
Heres an update on my life in LA:

1.) minding my own business and i walk by this guy who starts rapping to me...well no not to me directly... to my "flavorful ass"
2.) I visited 3 prop houses and heard about how celebrities are snobby and claustrophobic and therefore dont like having their faces molded
3.) rode public transportation (a subway) and talked to some crazy chick about how she hated El Cajon (i didnt blame her)4.) Got invited to a METH LAB, i kid you not. a METH a guy on a yellow scooter who im pretty sure couldn't spell his own name however i was still terrified.
5.) sat through a 3 hour play about Christians forcing African's to become which one of the African womans clothing consisted of a skirt and a necklace. thats all.

Ciao Bella

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

L.A Livin

hello my lovelies
so Im living in LA
at starting my second year at FIDM
i've lived in LA for almost a month now and
for those of you who have this picture in your mind of a magical city 

where movie stars are strutting down the streets and its sunny and everyone is glamorous 
you are dead wrong. 
i am lucky if i can walk down the street with some crazy person yelling things at me
(accurate depiction)
Or a homeless man trying to grab me.
LA has been a severe culture shock.
for the next 2 years those of you who read my blog will be hearing all about my adventures 
of being a FIDM Visual Communications Major 
living in the....
living in the smoggy city of Central LA.
I thought i would kick of this series of entries 
by composing a list of Do's and Dont's it goes...
1.) when your roommate's friend introduces herself and then says she is staying for a month. 

DO:tell your R.A.
DO NOT: taze her 
( i didnt actually taze her but i considered it) 

2.) When you find out your roommate's friend is a prostitute. 
No i dont mean enjoys having sex with multiple different partners...
no i mean full on intercourse for money literal soliciting sex prostitute.

DO: make an extra loud breakfast to help her hangover be more painful
and call your RA again
DO NOT: ask questions 

3.) When a crazy homeless man plops down on a park bench next to you turns his head and yells
 "YOU MOTHA F*****"

DO: stay clam & walk away
DO NOT: yell back at him

4.) When you go out running

DO: bring a Tazer even if you dont plan on using it, hopefully no one will mess with you
 cause you look BA
DO: ignore the creepy men stairing at you
DO NOT: wear tight clothes
this is not the time to wear your lulu lemon hot pants and booty shorts. cover up
DO NOT: Run by bus stops
DO NOT: blast your music 

OK thats all i have time for today 
have a lovely day! 
Ciao Bella 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Black And White

I love black and white shots. 
We learned that colors portray and induce specific feelings in the viewer
Black is strength and elegance 
White suggests clean and weightless feelings.
its a good combo when they meet in the middle...

Ciao Bella 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Group Projects and Redlights

ok so if anyof you are still out there waiting for me to post....
i hope you like my little story...
Ok so you know what totalk sucks?! 
they suck suck suck.
and heres why... 
if a group of 4 gets a group project,
then that means 4 peoples worth of work.
well guess what?
only one person ends up working so one girl has to do 4 peoples jobs!
and guess who that is?
if you guessed  Betty White your wrong.
the answer is me. 
people. are. uesless. 
heres what i like.
cute boys at red lights :) 
you can giggle , wave and wink... 
and youll never have to see them again. 
:) its fun.
so heres some pretty pictures :

SO....i have a pinterest and its the best thing since sliced bread! 
Ciao Bella 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Insperation book

So I'm taking a trends class.
in this trends class we make inspiration books.
here's some images i used. 
i find that making this book helps me express creative ideas.
you should make one its quite fun!

xoxo ciao bella