Wednesday, November 3, 2010

:) im back!

My darlings I'm back!
and i have so much to tell you!
so sorry its been so long life is crazy!
I just got home from Arkansas i went with my family so we could see all the leaves changing.
It was beautiful!

So last time i blogged i was ranting about homecoming dresses.
i found a dress the dance was great and my date even bought me a corsage.
it was lovely.
since homecoming i have been stressing over a multitude of issues.
school, asb, my upcoming art show, the school dance I'm designing for Christmas...and even a boy.
but before i get to that i need to tell you 3 important things...

1.) NEVER NEVER give your purity ring to your boyfriend.

after Connor told me he wanted to break up i gave him my purity ring.
it was meant to be symbolic.
not like i gave my self to him.,..but like every time he saw it he would think of me..
idk it was kinda ridiculous and far less romantic now than it was then.
7 months after the breakup...i realise...that purity ring doubled as my mothers first wedding band,
(she changed her setting to silver so sh doesn't wear the gold now but still...)
how stupid could i be. so i told my mom...she was horrified...
so i had to ask for the ring was really really bad.
Thank God he still had it.

2.) Don't Run Red lights. You will die.

Last night i was driving how from the gym.
i didn't see the light.
it was red.
i ran through it as the man with the green light was turning.
he was 4 inches away form me when he slammed on the brakes.
i honked at him although it was clearly my fault.
which made it 10 times worse.
My bad driving streak continued today with my running over and breaking a sign in the school parking lot that i now have to pay for.

3.) Don't park next to your ex boyfriend and his girlfriend

 especially if you suck at parking...
today the dance committee was having our meeting at a restaurant in town. i was running late
 so i pulled up real quick and parked. not bothering to correct my sloppy parking job.
it wasn't till i saw my ex boyfriend and his girlfriend 
 (for this situation we will call the boy Egbert and the girl, Penelope)
sitting at a table outside the restaurant... that i realised i had parked next to Egbert and Penelope's.
making backing out of the parking spot particularly difficult for Egbert
bad idea.  i confidently strutted like Blair Waldorf into the restaurant
... acting like i didn't see their hateful glairs
when i stepped into the restaurant all thegirls at the table saw what had just happened and burst into laughter! the whole restaurant stared when i started squealing!
it probably doesn't sound that bad gals...but trust me it was bad....

As you can tell today was turned bad by a strange series of events.
i came home and my mama gave me a big hug and said,"my poor princess sat on a pea."
it made me giggle
its days like today i need to be reminded I'm a Princess.
All girls are princesses.
so don't run red lights and smile

Ciao Bella

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