Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You will Live

Hello my lovies
i hope you all are doing well!
i just finished my first quarter at FIDM
i did soo well
miss. Honor Roll thank you very much.
i hate to be a downer, but i just want to say how much boys suck.
I dont now if y'all know about my glorious track record with the male species
in case you dont ill fill you in her is my "non negotiable" list
1.) must be extremely cheap
2.) must have a substance abuse problem
3.)must have a compulsive lieing problem
4.) must have complete misundertanding for the word "no"
5.) I LOVE when boys play me
so thats my list.
p.s. did you know that the longest i have had a boyfriend for is 2 months?
yeah well apparently thats how long a boy can go without sex. FYI
i pick awesome guys to date :)
OH! and you know what else is weird?? the guys i date always buy me socks. 
thats probably like the biggest turn off ever! 
oohhh look at me in thease sexy socks! oh baby! 
....yeah right....
(right now this girl is thinking..."i gave you love and you gave me socks?")
yep i know how to pick um.
heres what i like:

this artist and Peonies
hey guess what?
if a boy breaks your heart here is what you need to do:
1.) buy yourself flowers
2.) go get your nails done
3.) run

4.) drive with the windows down and the music up

5.) sing loudly

6.) go shopping and spend too much money but buy fabulous shoes

7.) buy sushi for yourself. and eat it alone. 

8.) flirt with all the cute boys you see.

9.) then make a box of ever memory you had together and put all the movie tickets dried flowers and photos in it. dont open the box for a year. :) and be joyful.

ciao bella
walk with confidence and smile even if you want to cry.
because it makes you so much stronger.

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