Sunday, August 21, 2011


I havent posted in AGES im sorry!!!
ive been so busy busy busy.
OK i have so much to tell you!
i graduated MVA no more rolley back pack stories, sorry!
nope from now on youll be hearing of my advenures at FIDM
The Fashion Institute Of Design and Merchandise!

hopefully i have some more exciting stories for you.
OK where to start!? I'm attending FIDM with my best friend ever Angeline!
and here's what i realised
its kinda sad and depressing....but here's what i realised
no one matters!
no one! but you and your education.
so if your in high school and you are reading this,remember this:
 just please yourself and God. no one else matters.
Ive come to this point in my life where i really could care less what people think about me.
and im really thankful to be in this place.
lets talk about the fun stuff!
FIDM ill tell you all about it!
ok so for some reason i dint understand i decided to take on the challenge of 6 classes. yeah 6.
Not my smartest move.
it is so much fun and I'm actually doing shockingly well. im acing all my tests and projects!
exciting right?!
my favorite class is Survey of visual communications and my Teacher's name is Mrs Handman.
she has bobbed blonde hair and is from new york and speaks french fluently.
I'm making so many new friends but my favorites are
Mercedes, Brittney and Cole
Mercedes has curly brown hair and always has on the best shoes
Britt is blunt, loud and i love it!
Cole is my GBF and he is soo fun. and we always match!
ok im stalling on an English paper i should go!
(Its about Flappers and the Roaring 20's...i found out! my Great great grandma was a flapper!!!)
ta ta for now
Ciao Bella XOXO

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