Tuesday, April 17, 2012

L.A Livin

hello my lovelies
so Im living in LA
at starting my second year at FIDM
i've lived in LA for almost a month now and
for those of you who have this picture in your mind of a magical city 

where movie stars are strutting down the streets and its sunny and everyone is glamorous 
you are dead wrong. 
i am lucky if i can walk down the street with some crazy person yelling things at me
(accurate depiction)
Or a homeless man trying to grab me.
LA has been a severe culture shock.
for the next 2 years those of you who read my blog will be hearing all about my adventures 
of being a FIDM Visual Communications Major 
living in the....
living in the smoggy city of Central LA.
I thought i would kick of this series of entries 
by composing a list of Do's and Dont's 
...here it goes...
1.) when your roommate's friend introduces herself and then says she is staying for a month. 

DO:tell your R.A.
DO NOT: taze her 
( i didnt actually taze her but i considered it) 

2.) When you find out your roommate's friend is a prostitute. 
No i dont mean enjoys having sex with multiple different partners...
no i mean full on intercourse for money literal soliciting sex prostitute.

DO: make an extra loud breakfast to help her hangover be more painful
and call your RA again
DO NOT: ask questions 

3.) When a crazy homeless man plops down on a park bench next to you turns his head and yells
 "YOU MOTHA F*****"

DO: stay clam & walk away
DO NOT: yell back at him

4.) When you go out running

DO: bring a Tazer even if you dont plan on using it, hopefully no one will mess with you
 cause you look BA
DO: ignore the creepy men stairing at you
DO NOT: wear tight clothes
this is not the time to wear your lulu lemon hot pants and booty shorts. cover up
DO NOT: Run by bus stops
DO NOT: blast your music 

OK thats all i have time for today 
have a lovely day! 
Ciao Bella 

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